Scientific programme

I3DA 2021 International Conference hosts 3 Plenary Lectures, 7 Special Sessions, 3 Oral Sessions and 8 Poster Sessions. The programme features two types of oral presentation sessions:

– 2 hour-oral session with eight speakers, 12 min. per presentation plus 3 min. for discussion/Q&A at the end of each presentation;

– 1h 30min-oral session with six speakers, 12 min. per presentation plus 3 min. for discussion/Q&A at the end of each presentation.

List of Sessions:

SPECIAL SESSION 1: “6DoF Audio” – Chairmen: Huseyin Hacihabiboglu, Franz Zotter
ORAL SESSION 2: “Advanced researches in 3D acoustics” – Chairmen: Tapio Lokki, Angela McArthur
SPECIAL SESSION 3: “Personalisation of Binaural Audio in Virtual and Augmented Reality” – Chairmen: Lorenzo Picinali, Katharina Pollack 
SPECIAL SESSION 4: “3D Auralization in Cultural Heritage” – Chairmen: Gino Iannace, Umberto Berardi 
SPECIAL SESSION 5: “Past Has Ears: Auralization & Heritage Acoustics” thematic session – Chairmen: Brian FG Katz, Angelo Farina
SPECIAL SESSION 6: “Binaural Reproduction” – Chairman: Hyunkook Lee, Daniil Sinev
SPECIAL SESSION 7: “3D Audio for Automotive Industries” – Chairmen: Jung-Woo Choi, Daniel Pinardi
ORAL SESSION 8: “Music and 3D Spatialisation”  Chairman: Angela Bellia, Francesca Merli
SPECIAL SESSION 9“SIPARIO Project” – Chairmen: Francesca Merli, Antonella Bevilacqua
ORAL SESSION 10: “3D soundfield Reproduction” – Chairmen: Filippo Maria Fazi, Antonella Bevilacqua




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Plenary lectures

We are pleased to announce the 3 Plenary Lectures of I3DA 2021. As plenary speakers, we will have the honor to host:

Karl Kügle: “Hearing (in) the Middle Ages: Towards an Acoustemology of the Past”
ERC Research Professor | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) | University of Oxford; Oxford, United Kingdom

Jens Ahrens: “Data-Based Methods for Spatial Audio Reproduction”
Associate Professor | Chalmers University of Technology; Gothenburg, Sweden

Angelo Farina: “Future technologies for auralization in archaeoacoustics”
Professor | Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma; Parma, Italy

Social events

Due to the change to virtual conference, social events will not be held.