Scientific programme

I3DA 2021 International Conference will host 2 plenary sessions, 1 demo plenary session, special sessions, oral sessions and 2 poster sessions. The programme will feature two types of oral presentation sessions:

– 2 hour-oral session with eight speakers, 12 min. per presentation plus 3 min. for discussion/Q&A at the end of each presentation;

– 1h 30min-oral session with six speakers, 12 min. per presentation plus 3 min. for discussion/Q&A at the end of each presentation.

I3DA 2021 will also host special sessions. Professors and Researchers are invited to submit topic proposal.

The Organisers will be asked to Chair their Special Session.

List of Special Sessions (in progress):

SPECIAL SESSION 1: “3D Auralization in Cultural Heritage” (Umberto Berardi, Gino Iannace)
SPECIAL SESSION 2: “Past Has Ears” Project (Brian FG Katz)
SPECIAL SESSION 3: “SONICOM” Project (Lorenzo Picinali)
SPECIAL SESSION 4: “SIPARIO” Project (Francesca Merli)
SPECIAL SESSION 5: “6DoF Audio” (Huseyin Hacihabiboglu, Franz Zotter)
SPECIAL SESSION 6: “Simulation of 3D acoustics in ancient buildings”
SPECIAL SESSION 7: “Measurements of 3D acoustics in Auditorium and Opera Houses: case studies”
SPECIAL SESSION 8: “Acoustic design and 3D Audio: case studies”
SPECIAL SESSION 9:  “3D Audio for Automotive Industries”
SPECIAL SESSION 10: “Multichannel  Impulse Responses measurement techniques”
SPECIAL SESSION 11:  “Metamaterials for 3D Acoustics” (Marco Caniato)
SPECIAL SESSION 12: “Sound reinforcements for 3D Audio in theatres”

The sessions will take place in two separate conference rooms.

More information to be announced.

Plenary lectures

We are pleased to announce the 3 Plenary Lectures of I3DA 2021. As plenary speakers, we will have the honor to host:

Karl Kügle: “Hearing (in) the Middle Ages: Towards an Acoustemology of the Past”
ERC Research Professor | The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH) | University of Oxford; Oxford, United Kingdom

Jens Ahrens: “Data-Based Methods for Spatial Audio Reproduction”
Associate Professor | Chalmers University of Technology; Gothenburg, Sweden

Angelo Farina: “3D Acoustic experiments within SIPARIO Project”
Professor | Department of Engineering and Architecture, University of Parma; Parma, Italy

Social events

Due to the change to virtual conference, social events will not be held.